Research Reports

    Shaw and Partners: Additional funding capacity to match growth trajectory  
    Shaw and Partners: Very strong 1Q23  
    Shaw and Partners: FY23 reset begins  
    Shaw and Partners: Strong momentum continues into July  
    Shaw and Partners: Momentum continues with profitability within 12 months  
    Shaw and Partners: Continuing momentum as profitability beckons by June 2023  
    Shaw and Partners: Further streamlining to focus on ANZ’s path to profitability  
    Shaw and Partners: May continues strong results trajectory  
    Shaw and Partners: Most attractive unit economics and positioning in BNPL space  
    Shaw and Partners: 4Q22 YTD (April) off to a flying start; Strategically focussed on profitability  
    Shaw and Partners: Strong 3Q22 + profitability in 15 months on track  
    Shaw and Partners: Strong momentum continues into 3Q22  
    Canaccord: Focusing on two key markets  
    Shaw and Partners: Openpay (OPY) - 2Q22: Another very strong result  
    Shaw and Partners: AGM - Momentum continues  
    Shaw and Partners: Further Foundation Building in the US  
    Shaw and Partners: Further building the foundations  
    Shaw and Partners: More attractive unit economics with new, extended and lower cost funding facility in Australia  
    Shaw and Partners: Foundation Building  
    Shaw and Partners: FY22 should be transformational with US and UK scaling up; Opportunity beckons  
    Canaccord: Gearing up for US launch  
    Shaw and Partners: Transformational Acquisition to Accelerate Scale, Positioning & Opportunity in UK  
    Shaw and Partners: 3Q21 Solid as Momentum Builds in UK … with US Still to Come  
    Shaw and Partners - Going Global with Opportunity to Generate Multi-Billion Dollar TTV from US Alone  
    Shaw and Partners - Milestone Deal with Global Leader in Payment Processing  
    Shaw and Partners - Launches into US with Significant Partnership and Accelerates UK Differentiation  
    Shaw and Partners - New Hospitals Partnership Further Differentiates OPY from Homogenous Peers  
    Shaw and Partners - 1H21 Above Expectations, with B2B Offering, UK Accelerating and US to Come  
    Shaw and Partners - Strong Trading into October with Record Start to November Continues the Momentum  
    Shaw and Partners - Kicks Off New FY with Record Quarter with Continuing Accelerating Momentum  
    Shaw and Partners - Strong Performance Continues Into August 2020  
    Shaw and Partners - Continuing Accelerating Momentum from FY20 Into YTD; PT Raised  
    Shaw and Partners - July 2020: Kicks Off New FY with Record Month with Continuing Accelerating Momentum  
    Morgans research - Openpay: buy now, pay later  
    Shaw and Partners - Additional Strategic Partnership Further Differentiates OPY from Homogenous BNPL Peers  
    Shaw and Partners - 4Q20 Update Continues Strong Momentum in Both Australia and UK  
    Shaw and Partners - Accelerating Momentum + Financially Secure + Update to PT  
    Shaw and Partners - Two Milestones Achieved (Again): Secured UK Funding Facility + May 2020 Best Month Ever  
    Shaw and Partners - 1H20 Result: Accelerating Momentum Continues  
    Shaw and Partners - New Research Report on B2B launch and inaugural Woolworths agreement  
    Shaw and Partners - Post December Quarter (Q2 FY 20) Research Report  
    Shaw and Partners Initiates Research Coverage